Answers to Your Common Questions: A Guide for New Learners

In today’s evolving landscape of driving education, passive learning methods may get you through a driving test, but they often leave you feeling ill-equipped to navigate real-world driving challenges independently. Unlike traditional instructor-led approaches, where you’re merely told what to do, my teaching philosophy revolves around active engagement and empowerment.

With me, you won’t just sit back and listen; you’ll be an active participant in your learning journey. I’ll provide structure to our lessons, but I’ll also encourage you to take control by voicing your preferences, setting learning goals, and even deciding the pace of your progress.

Mistakes are not just tolerated but embraced as essential learning opportunities. By actively engaging with the material and reflecting on your experiences, you’ll develop critical problem-solving skills and the confidence needed to tackle the roads solo once you’ve passed your test.

Choosing me means choosing a dynamic and interactive learning experience that prepares you not just for a test, but for a lifetime of safe and confident driving. Let’s embark on this journey together!

My driving school car is a Vauxhall Corsa-e, a 5-door hatchback equipped with He-Man dual controls and a BlackVue  front and rear dash cam for your safety and peace of mind. As an automatic electric car, the Vauxhall Corsa-e is perfect for city driving and offers an effortless learning experience.

The He-Man dual controls enable me to assist you as needed, ensuring a smooth learning process.

Additionally, the BlackVue dash cam, accessible via a mobile app, allows us to review footage from our lessons, identifying areas for improvement and celebrating successes together.

For pricing information, please visit my prices page. Rest assured, I offer competitive rates for automatic driving lessons that provide excellent value for your investment.

I offer a variety of automatic driving lesson durations to accommodate your needs. You can choose between 2-hour, 2.5-hour, and 3-hour lessons. Whether you prefer a shorter, focused session or a longer one to cover more ground, I’ve got you covered. Select the duration that suits your schedule and learning style, and let me guide you toward becoming a confident and skilled driver.

Yes! You´ll get FREE full access to Theory Test Pro, an online simulation of the UK´s driving theory test. It contains the entire official test question bank, hazard perception videos and more.

I´ll get a true understanding of your progress with online report cards that show your latest study activity and how likely you are to pass the official test.

Research has shown that the average number of hours with a driving instructor prior to passing the test is 47 (and an additional 20 hours private practice, too)*.

Do remember that this is only an average – some will pass much sooner than this, and others make take longer. Young adults generally learn quicker than older age groups and as a result tend to pass with fewer hours. But as with everything, some will take to driving more naturally than others, and some will have specific needs which might mean learning to drive takes a little longer than average, too.

*These figures are from the Cohort II Study of Learner and New Drivers

You´ll have the opportunity to answer the sort of questions you need to be asking yourself in order to become a safe and responsible driver because you’ll have a better understanding of the sort of things that make you tick; you’ll know how the way you think and the way you feel affects the decisions you make; and you’ll have techniques to help you self-manage.

Once your standard of driving reaches a point where we both feel you’re ready to take your test, you’ll undergo ´mock driving assessments´ to prepare you for your real driving test. These are a guide to what happens during the driving test and what it takes to pass it – including the eyesight test, ´show me, tell me´ questions, reversing exercises, and independent driving part of the test.