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How to pass your driving test the first time!

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This page contains the driving lessons offered to you by Steve Chaplin Driving School from Ilkeston and nearby areas.

Lesson choices include:

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To book lessons, or for more information about the choices I offer, please call, text, Steve on 07917 100 632, or alternatively, complete and submit the Online Contact Form.

Below are details about each of the driving courses available, and a small selection of some of the comments I have received. Click on the image to find out more about what that client had to say about their training with me.

Beginner Driving Lessons

You are on the verge of changing your life forever by getting your driving licence, and the most important driving lessons are not at the end near the driving test, it is right NOW! I will help you to create good driving habits and it is these habits which are going to help you become a natural driver making your test much easier.

On your first driving lesson you will be driving...

What my clients say...

Emily Davis
Thank you so much Steve for helping me in my driving journey which concluded in a first time pass! Steve is extremely relaxed, understanding and helpful in the lessons and seems to have a way of explaining things so the hardest aspects of driving seem easy! Thanks again Steve you´ve been great!"


Emily Davis from Ilkeston

Confidence Building

Feeling anxious when it comes to learning how to drive can be somewhat depressing, but did you know that many learners go through the same as you? What I am going to support you with is getting to feel comfortable and taking back control of your life and driving...

What my clients say...

Steve helped me massively to pass my test 1st time! Gave me confidence to succeed and become a good and safe driver. Highly recommended."


Ethan Bexon from Ilkeston

Part Trained Lessons

So you have already started to learn to drive and you are thinking of passing your driving test. My special course for people like you who have already developed skills will help you save time and money because I will NOT put you on a beginners course, in fact I will use the knowledge you have as a platform for passing your driving test...


What my clients say...

Emma Jesson
Steve is a great instructor and let´s you lead your lessons. He always makes you feel comfortable when driving, explains things in a way that you can understand using relatable anecdotes. I always enjoyed my lessons and he makes you feel like part of..."


Emma Jesson from Ilkeston

Driving Test Rescue

I know exactly why you have been failing your driving test and actually it probably is not your fault. People who fail their test and want to change instructor do so because they feel they have not been trained fully and believe they are not 100% confident. All I want you to do is give me a call and tell me your story, I will then start to plan for your success...


What my clients say...

Yvonne Marangwanda
I am so glad that I made the decision to learn to drive with Steve. He is such an amazing instructor. Through his help, I went from being a nervous driver to being a confident one. My previous instructor was very negative and always yelled at me everytime..."


Yvonne Marangwanda from Nottinghamshire

Refresh Your Skills

We all develop our own driving style and bad habits over time, and many of us would fail the Driving Test if we retook it today. We would all benefit from refresher training every few years to review and update our driving skills and attitudes...

What my clients say...

Pat Towner
Steve is a brilliant instructor nice guy very kind patient and knowledgeable everything you want from your lesson if your just starting or an older person who wants to improve I would recommend Steve"


Pat Towner from Nottinghamshire

Get FREE Theory Training
In addition to the driver training, my students get FREE access to Theory Test Pro. This means you have unrestricted access to all multiple choice, hazard perception and highway code content.

Block booking > Save up to £20 > 10hrs offer

Introductory Offers
Win your first hour for FREE on my Traffic Signs Quiz


Get FREE online theory training from Theory Test Pro
1.5 Hours Lesson
Encouraging you to set the goals for the session

Structuring the lesson so that the learning process remains with you

Managing the risk whilst still enabling you to learn for yourself
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2 Hours Lesson
Adapting the way I teach to suit the way you learn most effectively

Breaking down the barriers to learning

Creating an atmosphere and environment that is built on mutual trust and respect
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Discounted Lessons
Block booking > Save up to £20 > 10hrs offer

The offer is valid on the purchase of 10 hours of driving lessons, when paid for in one payment

Hourly rate £29 > Save £££’s on your lessons
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Delivering great driving lessons consistently with a lesson plan that has structure and also input from the customer