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Part-Trained Automatic Lessons

Accelerate your progress with my Part-Trained Course. Whether you've had 5, 10, or 20 hours of tuition, I'll help you build on your skills and feel confident behind the wheel.

Hey, you know if you´ve already started to learn to drive and you´ve picked up the basics; however, for some reason you don´t yet quite have the skills good enough to pass your driving test – let me tell you all about my part-trained driving lessons.

Now this is perfect for you if you´ve already started to learn to drive, even if it was some time ago. What I´m going to do with this very special course is – I´m going to help you save time and money. Why? Because we´re not going to go over the basics. See it as a bit of a hop, skip and a jump to get you into the driving test so you´ve got all the skills you need so you can pass your driving test, get your driving licence and get on the road.

How´s it going to look? Well actually when you phone me I´m going to be asking you a few questions about your experience already. Why? Well, it´s a bit of free time and it gives us a bit of an advantage and it gives you a bit of a head start, because when we do our first part of the training lesson, I´ll have an idea what you can do already.


Jade Cooper, from Heanor,
Jade Cooper, from Heanor,highly recommends my "Part-Trained" course.
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“If I could give this human more than 5 stars I'd give him infinite stars. I have struggled for many many* years to find a driving instructor that I could feel comfortable with. There has been more than a few and I just couldn't stick with them. I found Steve Chaplins driving school, he was different to the rest, with a massive sense of actual care, like I wasn't just another on the list. I struggle day to day with trust and anxiety but it seemed like that was understood, and it was worked woth not against. After 10+ years of trying, Steve Chaplins Driving school got me through my test, with a pass first time might I add. Absolutely recommend this one, if you have any worries, have tired time and time again or just simply want to pass your test calmly, then this is the one for you. Thank you for getting me through something I'd never thought would happen."

Then it´s on your court – what you´re then going to do under my supervision is I´m going to let you drive – the pressure is off, there is no pressure whatsoever. I´m expecting you to make mistakes and what I´m going to do at the end of the session. I´m going to work out exactly what you´re good at, what you´re okay at and what skills you need to learn, and then I´m going to create you a personalised plan to help you to get to your driving test in the shortest time possible because you don´t need to be going over stuff that you´ve already learnt. Maybe you want a little refresher here and there, a little nudge and help out. However, what I´m going to do is write you a proper lesson plan to help you get to your driving test so you´ve got all the skills that you need to pass for the first time.

So if you´re interested and are part-trained already and you want to save some time and money – all you´ve got to do is pick the phone up and give me a call / text on 07917 100 632 for more details. Alternatively, complete and submit the Contact Form or message me on WhatsApp.