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Driving Test Rescue | Steve Chaplin Driving School
Hey, have you failed your driving test already with a different driving school, and your just banging your head against a wall because you just can´t get your driving licence, and you don´t know why. If that´s your journey—then I´ve got a fantastic course for you, and it´s called driving test rescue, and it´s been specially created for people that have failed their driving test with different driving schools. I´m going to help you work out where you´re going wrong—I´ll uncover the areas that you´ve not yet identified because it´s the areas that you don´t know that´s holding you back, and then I´m going to create you a plan on how to pass your driving test.

So, this is what we are going to do. All you need to do is pick the phone up and give me a call. Now if you´ve got your driving test marking sheet with you—awesome! You can go through that sheet, or you can go through from memory, and that will give me an idea of where you´re at, and then what we are going to do on your very first lesson with me is—I´m going to look at your driving skills, and I´m going to assess that in a very, very positive way.

So, the first thing I want to do is I want to look at the stuff you´re really, really good at, and I´m going to show you—you´re good at this, you´re good at this, and you´re good at this, and that´s going to help you with your confidence by the way, and then we are going to unpick the details of where you went wrong.

You see you might have failed something particular on your driving test, so let´s say you failed on roundabouts. I want to explore with you what you were thinking, or how you were feeling, so you can understand how these thoughts and feelings linked to your behaviour—thoughts and feelings motivate behaviour. I´m going to unravel that for you, and by the end of our first lesson I´m going to share with you exactly why you haven´t been passing, and I´m going to have a lesson plan for you, and I´ll have everything mapped out, so you´ve got all the skills, and the confidence, and preparation you need to pass your driving test.

It´s a special course—it´s called driving test rescue—it´s built for you, and if you need this give me a call, or text NOW on 07917 100 632 for more info. Alternatively, complete and submit the Online Contact Form.

What my clients say...

Helen Clapp
After a break of over 20 years and four failed tests I decided, age 47 to give it one last go. Steve is an amazing instructor. He made me believe in myself. Taught me the skills to be a safe driver. Encouraged me every step of the way. Completely different experience from previous three instructors. Steve understood I wanted to learn to be a good driver, not just pass a test I decided what I wanted to do each lesson which helped me focus on what I needed to feel confident. This morning I woke in sheer terror and panic. Half hour of Steve calming me down I passed my driving test. Steve is brilliant. Respectful of anxieties and previous bad experiences. He is very patient and offers a stress free relaxed experience. Never thought I would do it. Thank you Steve (don’t ever use my car for learners to reverse round!!)"


Helen Clapp from Ilkeston

“Steve is very kind and friendly and helped me get through a previous bad experience and he helped me gain my confidence to be able to drive on the roads with ease. I would recommend anyone to learn with Steve because he makes everything so easy and...

Review to follow...

"I chose Steve on his past reviews and it was the best decision I made. I cant sing his praises enough. Hes so patient and really adapts to help you learn the way that suits you. So professional and encouraging I would recommend him to anyone of any age....

"When I first started driving, I was learning with a different driving school. I wasn't getting along well with the instructor, and my confidence was lowering. I decided I need to change driving school, and that's when I met Steve. It was the best decision...

“Steve allowed the the time and space to be able to learn. Correctly identifying my learning style and capabilities and letting me structure lessons around this. I feel many other driving instructors would not have afforded me this and ultimately I feel...

"Steve is a brilliant instructor. I chose him, as I had read the reviews and saw he was highly recommended. When I began driving I had no confidence and felt very anxious. Steve helped me gain so much more confidence and help me succeed. I can’t thank...

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