Driving Test Rescue

For all learner drivers, I'll give you a mock test before your driving test, so you've got the very best chance of passing!

Hey, have you failed your driving test already with a different driving school and your just banging your head against a wall because you just can´t get your driving licence and you don´t know why. If that´s your journey – then I´ve got a fantastic course for you and it´s called “driving test rescue” and it´s been specially created for people that have failed their driving test with different driving schools. I´m going to help you work out where you´re going wrong. I´ll uncover the areas that you´ve not yet identified because it´s the areas that you don´t know that are holding you back. Then I´m going to create a plan on how to pass your driving test.

So this is what we are going to do. All you need to do is pick the phone up and give me a call. Now if you´ve got your driving test marking sheet with you – awesome! You can go through that sheet or you can go through it from memory and that will give me an idea of where you´re at and then what we are going to do on your very first lesson with me is – I´m going to look at your driving skills and I´m going to assess that in a very very positive way.

So, the first thing I want to do is, I want to look at the stuff you´re really really good at and I´m going to show you – you´re good at this, you´re good at this and you´re good at this and that´s going to help you with your confidence by the way and then we are going to unpick the details of where you went wrong.

Jack Stuart, from Eastwood, Nottinghamshire,
Jack Stuart, from Eastwood, Nottinghamshire,highly recommends my "Driving Test Rescue" service.
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"I came to lessons with Steve after a several-year break of driving. I had learned with a previous instructor shortly after turning seventeen, and took two tests but sadly to no avail. With the onset of uni commitments soon thereafter, driving ended up taking a back seat for a while.

"So a quiet period in 2021 before starting a new and travel-heavy job seemed the opportune time to get this test ticked off, though it is fair to say I had returned to driving with some uneasiness after the break.

"Steve immediately dispelled all my fears. In my first lesson I made significantly more progress than I’d expected, and from there went from strength to strength. Throughout our time together, Steve showed patience and understanding, getting to grips (almost instinctively!) with my thought processes. As time went on I felt more and more prepared, not only for the driving test, but for driving safely on my own, including on the motorways and in a breakdown. By the time of my test I felt amazingly confident, which in turn let to a solid pass result!

"Steve has been committed, conscientious and compassionate throughout. I cannot thank Steve enough for the truly personalised and thorough approach he took with me, and I would heartily recommend his services to anybody looking to pass, with style and a little bit of fun!"

You see you might have failed something in particular on your driving test, so let´s say you failed at roundabouts. I want to explore with you what you were thinking or how you were feeling so you can understand how those thoughts and feelings linked to your behaviour – thoughts and feelings motivate behaviour. I´m going to unravel that for you and by the end of our first lesson I´m going to share with you exactly why you haven´t been passing and I´m going to have a lesson plan for you and I´ll have everything mapped out so you´ve got all the skills and the confidence and preparation you need to pass your driving test.

It´s a special course – it´s called driving test rescue – it´s built for you and if you need this give me a call / text NOW on 07917 100 632 for more info. Alternatively, complete and submit the Contact Form or message me on WhatsApp.