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Beginner Automatic Driving Lessons

If you want to learn how to pass your driving test and really enjoy cruising around in your own car with the window down and music on. If you want a better job, if you´re fed up with public transport, you want to get from A to B much quicker, if you want to have a lie in bed later than usual in the morning, if you want to get a driving licence and your own car. So, not only do you get a better job but a great chance of maybe a job promotion, then you´re going to need a driving licence and you´re going to need a decent driving school.

So if you´ve never driven before, you really need to start off with what we call beginner driving lessons. However, the thing is, with beginner lessons, you really want to start off with the foundation of learning to drive, because if you crack this nut for the first time, all the other lessons afterwards are going to be a lot easier for you.

What I did was prepare a special course for beginners. Now is this for you? If you´ve never ever driven before, this is absolutely for you or if you´ve only done two or three hours or you´ve done two or three hours a few years ago, then this course is for you.

Cara Ragnoli, from Ilkeston,
Cara Ragnoli, from Ilkeston, highly recommends my "Beginners" training course.
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“I highly recommend Steve to everyone. He's calm, thoughtful, aware of different learning styles people have and let me guide my own learning. When I had wobbles, he helped me to feel better. I genuinely enjoyed driving lessons because of Steve. Thank you so much” 🙏

So what we are going to do is, in your very first lesson, it doesn´t matter even if you live in a quiet area, because I´m going to take you into a different area free from traffic. Or as free as possible so you can make all the mistakes that you want to make, because making mistakes is part of the journey of learning to drive and that´s cool. However, what we´re going to do is – I’m going to help you, one-to-one, learn to drive and on that first lesson you´ll be driving the car with no problem. You´ll be starting the car, you´ll be driving off and you´ll be stopping and I´ll be getting you doing that with absolutely no problem, so by the time you come home you´ll be able to say to your family and friends if you wanted to – “I took my first driving lesson today and I was driving my car and I was doing this and I was doing that and doing the other.”

However, my plan is this – to get you the basics really quickly and then that´s going to provide the foundation so you can go and pass your driving test and do all the great things that you want with your driving licence.

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