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  • Learn to drive in an automatic electric car with Steve Chaplin Driving School Ilkeston

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Enhance Your Skills With my BTEC Level 4 Coaching

My name is Steve, and I am a fully qualified driving instructor providing automatic driving lessons in Langley Mill.

With my Pearson-accredited BTEC Level 4 Professional Award in Coaching for Driver Development, I am commited to helping you develop the skills and confidence necessary to become a safe and responsible driver. about providing a safe and enjoyable learning experience for all of my students.

To learn more about me, visit my page titled Your Coach

Learn to drive in an electric car with Steve Chaplin Driving School Ilkeston
Dave Sumner, from Langley Mill,
Dave Sumner, from Langley Mill,successfully passed his driving test on 24/02/2020 at Watnall.
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“I highly recommend Steve to everyone. He's calm, thoughtful, aware of different learning styles people have and let me guide my own learning. When I had wobbles, he helped me to feel better. I genuinely enjoyed driving lessons because of Steve. Thank you so much” 🙏

Which course is right for you?

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You are on the verge of changing your life forever by getting your driving licence, and the most important lessons are not close to the driving test, it’s right now! I will help you to create good driving habits, and it’s these habits which are going to help you become a natural driver, making your test much easier.

For your first driving lesson you will be driving… Learn More

Feeling anxious when it comes to learning how to drive can be somewhat depressing. However, did you know that many learners go through the same as you? What I am going to support you with is getting to feel comfortable and taking back control of your life and driving… Learn More

So you have already started to learn to drive, and you are thinking of passing your driving test. My special course for people like you who have already developed skills will help you save time and money, because I will not put you on a beginners’ course. In fact, I will use the knowledge you have as a platform for passing your driving test… Learn More

I know exactly why you have been failing your driving test, and actually it probably is not your fault. People who fail their test and want to change instructors do so because they feel they have not been trained fully and believe they are not 100% confident. All I want you to do is give me a call and tell me your story. I’ll then start to plan for your success… Learn More

Don’t let a crash define your driving experience. Join me for my “Post-Crash” training course and take the first step towards building confidence, enhancing your skills, and ensuring a safer journey on the road… Learn More

Despite having professional driving lessons, many overlook the need for ongoing training post-passing their driving test. With rapid technological advancements in cars and increasingly challenging driving conditions, staying updated is essential for maintaining safety and confidence on the road. Ready to enhance your skills and adapt to the changing driving landscape?… Learn More

Driving Success: A Safe, Supportive, and Value-Driven Approach

As an ADI, I believe that there are three key elements to delivering an outstanding service. Firstly, safety is paramount, so I ensure that I manage the risk and keep both you and other road users safe at all times. 

Secondly, I create a positive and encouraging learning environment, so you feel relaxed and able to learn at your own pace. 

Lastly, I want you to feel that you are receiving great value for money, so I provide high-quality driving lessons at competitive rates.

To witness the tangible results of my approach first-hand, explore my Success Stories page. Here you’ll find the latest achievements and reviews from my recent successful learners.

Shane Edwards, from Loscoe, Heanor,
Shane Edwards, from Loscoe, Heanor,successfully passed his driving test on 11/07/2023 at Chilwell.
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"Best Driving Instructor. Steve Always Does His Best To Ensure You Learn The Best Way Possible And He Always Makes You Feel Welcomed And Confident To Learn. Hes Very Understanding And He Can Help You Keep Calm If You Ever Feel Under Pressure. Ive Passed My Driving Test With Steve Because He Always Teaches You To Drive The Way That You Want To Learn. 110% Recommend Steve If You Want A Proper Experienced Driving Instructor That Will Help You Learn The Best Way Possible Whilst Keeping You Safe When Driving."