Terms and Conditions for Steve Chaplin Driving School

Your driving instructor will ask that you sign a copy of the Terms and Conditions form. Signing the Terms and Conditions form shows agreement and understanding of the terms and conditions entailed in taking driving lessons with your Steve Chaplin Driving School Driving Instructor.

Expectations from The Driving Instructor

1. The client will not take a lesson if the driving instructor believes the client is intoxicated, this could be related to alcohol, drugs or medicine. The client will be responsible for payment.

2. All payments are paid at a minimum of 48 hours before the driving lesson starts.

2.1. Cash – payment at least one lesson / week in advance
2.2. Bank transfer – 48 hours before the driving lesson start time
2.3. Block bookings – your funds will be held in a designated client’s account, and transferred to your instructor 48 hours before the driving lesson starts on a lesson by lesson basis

3. The client has to give 24 hours notice to cancel a driving lesson. Failure to give sufficient notice will mean the client has to pay for the lesson regardless of their availability.

4. If the client gives 3 cancellations in a 4 week period the instructor has the right to cancel all agreements.

5. The driving instructor is the person who decides if the lesson should start, or continue in the event of bad weather.

6. The lesson complies to the Highway Code and UK Law. Therefore as an example, if the client is caught speeding the client takes any penalties awarded.

7. If the driving lesson is recorded the instructor may use the recording for such things as marketing and evidence. The client will be allowed a copy at their reasonable request.

8. You will not shout at the driving instructor.

9. You will show courtesy to other road users.

10. Money Back Guarantee (optional)

10.1. Applies throughout the clients experience with the driving instructor
10.2. Only applies to the current lesson
10.3. 24 hours to apply
10.4. Money back ends the agreement between client and driving school

11. Pass Promise (optional)

11.1. You will have a minimum of 40 hours training, that’s actually 7 hours less than the national average
11.2. You will have completed the Goals for Driver Education Framework (levels 1, 2, 3 and 4)
11.3. You will have passed a mock test.
11.4. All tests are booked in the knowledge and agreement of your instructor.
11.5. If in the event you fail your 1st test you will be required to take one remedial lesson per week until the 2nd test

12. 2 Yr Driving Lesson Warranty (optional)

12.1. Two years from passing the driving test
12.2. Two hours of additional training a year
12.3. Cannot be transferred
12.4. No refund
12.5. Cannot extend into the following year
12.6. Is not Pass Plus or Motorway lessons
12.7. A date and time to the suit the instructor
12.8. The clients fueled and road legal car (Insurance, MOT, Taxed)

13. The regular standard rate Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm is:

13.1. Pay as you go – forty two pounds per hour
13.2. Ten hour package – forty one pounds per hour
13.3. Twenty hour package – forty pounds per hour

Please note: Outside of that (before 9am, after 5pm weekdays, and anytime weekends) the regular standard rate is time-and-a-quarter.

Expectations from The Client

1. The instructor will arrive on time, and if they are going to be late the instructor will contact the client. For every minute the instructor is late the client will be given the minutes back at the end of the lesson.

2. The interior of the car will be smart, clean and free of unpleasant smells.

3. If the driving instructor cancels without giving 24 hours notice, the client will be offered compensation (next session will be given free of charge.)

4. The client will be given access to The Goals for Driver Education (GDE) which are questions set out in a matrix, and help address our responsibilities as ADIs to our learner drivers by giving us a framework, through which to structure our coaching.

5. At the end of every lesson the client will have the option to complete a reflective log to encourage them to reflect on their own learning and progress, and plan their way forward.

6. The driving instructor will give the client FREE access to Theory Test Pro to encourage them to pass the theory test within the first 6-9 weeks or 12-18 hours of driver training.

7. After the theory test has been passed the instructor will schedule a program of lessons until a point where the client should be of test standard. This is not a commitment that the client will be test standard but a guide.

8. The instructor may from time to time need to refuel, if this occurs you will be asked to help as part of your learning because it is a good idea to make sure you know the importance of using the correct fuel, how to fill up safely and to avoid spraying the forecourt with petrol!

9. The driving instructor will not shout at you.

10. The driving instructor will not intentionally touch you; however, if the driving instructor needs to take control of the steering wheel in an emergency, accidental contact may occur.