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Steve Chaplin Driving School

Fed up of your driving lessons?

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Do you enjoy your lessons?
I create an atmosphere and environment that is built on mutual trust and respect.
Are you improving?
I structure the lesson so that the learning process remains with you.
Are you getting value?
I adapt the way I teach to suit the way you learn most effectively.
Do you decide what you learn?
I encourage you to set the goals for the session.


What my clients say...

Joe Leatherland
Steve is very kind and friendly and helped me get through a previous bad experience and he helped me gain my confidence to be able to drive on the roads with ease. I would recommend anyone to learn with Steve because he makes everything so easy and calms you down in certain situations.
Thanks Steve” πŸ‘πŸ»


Joe Leatherland from Heanor

What my clients say...

Ronan Woolley
β€œWhen I first started driving, I was learning with a different driving school. I wasn´t getting along well with the instructor, and my confidence was lowering. I decided I need to change driving school, and that´s when I met Steve. It was the best decision I ever made, because my confidence rocketed, he´s such a calm and patient instructor, so it made driving really relaxing and fun. You plan your lessons out which is great, you can monitor your own progress, and Steve will teach you whatever way is best for you. I can´t reccomend him highly enough! Whether you´re a nervous driver or not, Steve Chaplin Driving School is the best to go with!"


Ellie Webster from Heanor

What my clients say...

Ronan Woolley
Would highly recommend Steve he is very professional and makes you feel confident while driving, he helped me pass my theory and practical first time, I picked Steve after my old driving instructor kept on letting me down and so happy I did"


Ronan Woolley from Ilkeston

What my clients say...

Chloe Upton
I started off with another driving instructor originally, and I felt I wasn’t getting anywhere even after a year of driving and I realised this after getting my own car, after a short while Steve was recommended to me by multiple people. I then went on to book my test after a few months and today I passed with 0 faults. I would recommend Steve because he’s very professional and takes pride in his business and students."


Chloe Upton from Ilkeston

What my clients say...

Helen Clapp
After a break of over 20 years and four failed tests I decided, age 47 to give it one last go. Steve is an amazing instructor. He made me believe in myself. Taught me the skills to be a safe driver. Encouraged me every step of the way. Completely different experience from previous three instructors. Steve understood I wanted to learn to be a good driver, not just pass a test I decided what I wanted to do each lesson which helped me focus on what I needed to feel confident. This morning I woke in sheer terror and panic. Half hour of Steve calming me down I passed my driving test. Steve is brilliant. Respectful of anxieties and previous bad experiences. He is very patient and offers a stress free relaxed experience. Never thought I would do it. Thank you Steve (don’t ever use my car for learners to reverse round!!)"


Helen Clapp from Ilkeston

What my clients say...

Yvonne Marangwanda
I am so glad that I made the decision to learn to drive with Steve. He is such an amazing instructor. Through his help, I went from being a nervous driver to being a confident one. My previous instructor was very negative and always yelled at me everytime I made a mistake. I found myself always having to apologise to her for making mistakes. This really affected me negatively as a learner driver. After failing my test several times, I decided to find a new instructor. I found Steve after a Google search for driving instructors in and around Nottingham. Unlike my previous instructor, his approach in lessons is pupil-centred. This helped me recognise my strengths and areas that needed improvement.

"He is always calm, patient and encouraging, all of which put me at ease whilst behind the wheel. He helped me gain confidence and self belief. When I took my test I felt prepared and relaxed and I passed first time with him.....whereas I was a bag of nerves when I took my previous tests. Because of him, I now enjoy driving. Steve helped me get rid of my driving nerves, pass my driving test with 3 minors and to be a SAFE driver.

"He is not only an excellent driving instructor but also a genuinely nice human being. I can´t thank him enough for helping me to succeed.

"Yvonne M."


Yvonne M from Nottinghamshire

  • Joe LeatherlandJoe Leatherland from Heanor...
  • Ellie WebsterEllie Webster from Heanor...
  • Ronan WoolleyRonan Woolley from Ilkeston...
  • Chloe UptonChloe Upton from Ilkeston...
  • Helen ClappHelen Clapp from Ilkeston...
  • Yvonne MarangwandaYvonne Marangwanda from Nottinghamshire...
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1.5 Hours Lesson
Encouraging you to set the goals for the session

Structuring the lesson so that the learning process remains with you

Managing the risk whilst still enabling you to learn for yourself
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2 Hours Lesson
Adapting the way I teach to suit the way you learn most effectively

Breaking down the barriers to learning

Creating an atmosphere and environment that is built on mutual trust and respect
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12 hour package πŸ‘‰ Save £12 on 12 hours of lessons

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Delivering great lessons consistently with a lesson plan that has structure, and also input from the customer
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