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Get all the facts about how to pass the theory test!

Passing the theory before, or soon after you start taking lessons could give you an advantage in the car, and increase your chances of needing fewer lessons and saving money!

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Theory test 2022: official DVSA guide ๐Ÿ‘‡

Hazard perception test 2022: official DVSA guide ๐Ÿ‘‡

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about Theory Test Pro.

How can you help me pass my theory test using Theory Test Pro?

I'll receive real time updates for your study progress. I'll know exactly how much you've been studying, where you're doing well and where you might need my help.

What happens when I first sign up to your Theory Test Pro account?

You´ll get limited access to 10% of the question bank and a couple of hazard perception clips to get you started.

How do I get full access to your Theory Test Pro account?

Once you´ve booked your first lesson with me, you´ll get full access to the entire question bank and all the hazard perception clips.

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Recent Theory Test Passes

This part contains the recent theory test passes, and what customers are saying about getting FREE access to Theory Test Pro.

โ€œI thought the (Theory Test Pro) app was useful as it had all the relevant information that came up in my theory test.โ€

โ€œTheory test pro really helped to strengthen my road sign knowledge as it did with the many other subjects it challenges you on, i would definitely recommend!โ€

โ€œTheory Test Pro has been a very helpful way practicing the two aspects of the theory test. The multiple choice section had all the topics you needed to cover and showed you how far you were from completing that topic. Also, it explained the answer if...

โ€œTheory Test Pro provided me with the tools to feel prepared. The learning experience that it provided was near identical to what I witnessed during the theory test, enabling me to know exactly what to expect. Theory Test Pro also allowed Steve to offer...

โ€œI found that theory test pro was really helpful as thereโ€™s different categories for each section and will help with remembering the questions well. You can take theory mock tests which at the end let you know which areas you got wrong and what you...

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