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Get all the facts about how to pass the theory test!

Passing the theory before, or just after you start taking lessons could give you an advantage in the car, and increase your chances of needing fewer lessons, and saving money!

FREE Expert & Unlimited Theory Training—worth £23 👇

Theory test 2019: official DVSA guide 👇

Hazard perception test 2019: official DVSA guide 👇

My PASS rate using Theory Test Pro is 73% (UK has a pass rate of around 51.6%)

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about Theory Test Pro.

How can you help me pass my theory test using Theory Test Pro?

I'll receive real time updates for your study progress. I'll know exactly how much you've been studying, where you're doing well and where you might need my help.

What happens when I first sign up to your Theory Test Pro account?

You´ll get limited access to 10% of the question bank and a couple of hazard perception clips to get you started.

How do I get full access to your Theory Test Pro account?

Once you´ve booked your first lesson with me, you´ll get full access to the entire question bank and all the hazard perception clips.

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Theory Test Pro in partnership with Steve Chaplin Driving School

Recent Theory Test Passes

This part contains the recent theory test passes, and what customers are saying about getting FREE access to Theory Test Pro.

“I tried some of the free sites, and they wasn’t well put together, and didn’t help with my revision especially hazard perception.
After Steve introduced me to Theory Test Pro I saw a massive improvement, and I like how it shows you your...

“I chose Theory Test Pro to help me as I had failed my theory test 5 times.
I tried theory test Pro and found the questions and hazard perception tests similar to the actual test and the video explaining how to pass hazard perception was very...

“I found theory test pro really helpful in helping me pass my theory test because when I was answering questions there is a section at the bottom which tells you the answer in depth which helped me improve my knowledge of the question, I passed first...

“Theory test pro helped me to pass with ease. Steve is an awsome intructor as we had some private practice to help improve my knowledge than i continued doing mock tests.”

“I chose to use theory test pro because previously I was using another theory test app and it wasn’t helping me, I switched to theory test pro which I found a lot easier to use and provided a wider range of questions which really helped me to pass”

“Theory test pro really helps me with revising for my theory test. The app was super easy to use and everything was broken down into topics, which helped me to prepare for the mocks. Theory test pro was amazing and it made me pass with flying colours....

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